General Consulting in the Real Estate Business

It`s possible that you don't have any property to sell or you at this moment don't wish to purchase a property, but you need consultancy in matters inside the Real Estate Business and properties in Spain. It can also be that you have just purchased o sold a property without our help and you need to sort out some doubts or get answers of some questions because you did not get all the sufficient information.

We give you some examples of things we can be helpful with:

  • Herritage (specially for non residents in Spain).
  • Declarations and liquidations/closures after a sale (specially for non residents in Spain).
  • How to declare taxes and rental incomes in Spain as non resident.
  • Market study before purchasing a property.
  • How to obtain Spanish documentation needed when you buy as a non resident (i.e. NIE numbers).
  • Also, with 20 years experience in the turist rental of apartments, Pia Hankö can give advise and ideas about that market.

You only have to write an email to explaining your matter. We will attend you and give your an offer of our fees.